PIP Plus Program – CBA Provision

J. Peer Intervention Plus Program (“PIP Plus”)
A new program (PIP Plus) will be created for tenured teachers in danger of receiving charges pursuant to §3020-a for incompetence, which will be staffed by independent consulting teachers. These consulting teachers will not be employed by the Board of Education and will not be active members of the UFT, and instead will be provided by an independent third party vendor, mutually agreed to by the parties, pursuant to a contract in a form developed by the Board and approved by the UFT.
1. Consulting teachers in the PIP Plus will develop plans to assist the participating U-rated tenured teachers, tailored to the specific needs of the teachers. During their participation in the PIP Plus, participating teachers will not be charged with incompetence pursuant to §3020-a. Observation reports of the consulting teachers will be provided to the participating teachers, and will be admissible in §3020-a proceedings. Participation in the program is voluntary. A principal may recommend participation or a teacher may volunteer to participate. The fact that an employee has declined to participate or that the Board has denied a request to participate or has not offered the teacher an opportunity to participate in the programs will be admissible in §3020-a proceedings.
2. A labor/management committee will review the PIP Plus program annually and agree on necessary changes, if any.
3. The existing Peer Intervention Program will not be decreased in size because of the establishment of this new PIP Plus program.


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